To one of Citrus counties most epic holiday light show displays.
Our goal is to spread happiness and joy to others through our love of the holidays. If we can inspire others to help us light up the holidays like families used to do, then we have succeeded in our mission.
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LightUpCitrus is a local hometown favorite holiday light display that is completely synced to music. Our display features over 50,000 led lights. We put our shows on for the entire month of October for our Halloween light show. Then we have our Christmas light show which begins Thanksgiving night and runs through January 5th.

OCT. 1st - 31st
(From dark until 10:30pm nightly) 
*weather permitting*


Thanksgiving Night - Jan. 5th
(From Dark until 11:00 pm nightly) 
*weather permitting*

As a safety precaution, Our shows will be cancelled on days that it rains.
Water and electricity do not mix...

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Our Latest Mission:

 We here at LightUpCitrus will be partnering with the Hometown Toy Drive each year. You can bring a new and unwrapped toy to our display and donate it at the toy drop box on the porch until December 17th. All toy donations will be taken to the collection meeting December 18th in Crystal river. The Citrus County Fire Department will collect the toys and they will be distributed through Jesse's Place to local families in need. This is our calling to help them and we plan to do so every year. It's time to bring happiness beyond the lights. We have always been about giving back to our community and we want to carry on that tradition for many years to come. We are #CitrusCountyStrong





Please remember while viewing our display, It is important to respect our neighbors, our community, and our property.

 We ask that you please comply with the following display rules. 

1). Please do not block the traffic lanes.

2). Please keep your radio volume to a minimum

3). While at the display, Please dim your headlights,  and do NOT honk your horns.

4). Please do NOT cross over the pvc fence perimeter. It is there for your safety,

5). It's ok to look, But please do NOT touch any lights, wires, or display items.

6). This is a residential display. Please do not let your children run in the road or in our the driveway

Remember that this is a residential free event that we host for everyone's enjoyment.

Please respect other visitors around you.

Do not park in our neighbors driveway or yard and please do not use their driveway as a turn around. Nobody lives on our side of the street. You can use areas along the road for parking. 


We have no control over others blocking your view, There will be times where there are many other visitors during peak hours and people will drive by rather than park. If you park across the street on busy nights you can pretty much expect traffic WILL block your view. . Please park further down the road and walk up to the display on nights like those. There is plenty of parking up and down the street. Also be advised there are speakers in our display so you can hear the show by walking up to view the display.


We do NOT own the property across the street. Again, Please park further down along the road to help prevent accidents.


Legal Disclaimer: By viewing our display or getting out of your vehicle you are doing so at your own risk. You assume all liability for you and your party members. The display is on private property with no trespassing signs posted. You can view the display from the public road or public easement and from across the street. Please understand we can not allow visitors onto the property without them being 100% at their own risk of liability.

The homeowners are not liable for any accidents or injuries to you, your vehicle, or your party members.